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Group Health Program


As health care costs continue to rise and you may face cost pressures as an employer, NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association is pleased to sponsor a high-quality and affordable health program for our members. 

Consider the advantages of being part of the NTCA Group Health Program (GHP). The program has more than a 35-year track record of excellence in meeting the benefit plan objectives of NTCA members and the health care coverage needs of participants.

NTCA GHP differs from many plans administered by insurance companies; these plans often focus only on the bottom line of profits.  NTCA GHP is run by members for members. GHP is non-profit, existing solely for the benefit of plan participants.  NTCA GHP offers you the coverages, the flexibility, and the personalized, state-of-the art service that your organization wants and deserves. 


NTCA is committed to providing affordable health care coverage for our members – plans that you can be proud to offer your employees, directors and retirees. GHP offers many coverage choices and much flexibility within each benefit plan to fit your organization’s needs.

Choosing GHP benefits that are right for your organization allows you to balance what’s important to you – cost to your organization, cost of coverage, level of benefits, choice and flexibility – with what’s important to your employees – the availability of a high quality benefit plan.

Members can offer a single health plan or a choice of plans – offer some coverages but not others. NTCA GHP provides flexibility of choice so you can customize coverages to best meet your organization's and plan participant’s needs.

Coverage choices include: 

  • Medical (including prescription drug, hearing and vision)
  • Dental
  • Group Life and Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Dependent Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Disability
  • 24-Hour and Hi-Limit Business Travel Accident


GHP provides members with a choice of up to five high-quality medical plans from nine plans available: 

  • three indemnity plans (known as the Advantage plans) 
  • three Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans
  • three high-deductible plans (HDHPs)

Prescription drug, including a Medicare prescription drug plan, and vision coverage options are also available to NTCA members.

GHP offers two comprehensive dental plans, providing a choice of coinsurance and orthodontic benefits.

Group Life, Dependent Life, and Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Group life coverage is available at reasonable rates for employees, dependents, directors and retained attorneys.

  • Multiple-level term life insurance for employees up to a maximum of $700,000
  • Flexibility of coverage options, including fixed amounts or multiples of salary
  • Supplement life insurance for employees and their spouses

Accidental death and dismemberment equal to or less than life insurance amount is also available.

Dependent life insurance is available for spouses and dependent children of employees.

Short-Term Disability
GHP provides short-term disability coverage, providing benefits to employees for either 13- or 26-weeks with several benefit payment level options.

Long-Term Disability
Two long-term disability coverage options are available, providing benefits after either a 13- or 26-week waiting period and choice of 50% or 70% income replacement benefits.

Automatic waiver of contributions can also be elected by a member. This unique feature in the NTCA GHP provides for the GHP trust to pay employer and mandatory employee contributions for various medical and benefit plans for the full period the employee is eligible to receive long-term disability. A 29 month medical only waiver feature is available.

Accident and Travel Coverage
Accident and business travel coverage is available to NTCA members at reasonable costs. 24-hour accident coverage and hi-limit business travel coverage is available for both employees and directors.


For More Information

If you are interested in receiving detailed GHP information or if you would like to offer GHP benefits to your employees, contact the NTCA member relations team or e-mail