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Smart Rural Community Advisory Council (SRCAC)

The Smart Rural Community Advisory Council (SRCAC) supports the SRC initiative by providing the technical and business expertise essential to the implementation of the program. The SRCAC includes representatives from the communications, power utility, education, agriculture, public safety, health care and rural economic development industries. Certain NTCA member committees, as well as one NTCA staff liaison, are also represented on the council.



NTCA Associate Member Advisory Council (Chair)
NTCA Innovation and Business Opportunity (Chairs)
American Farm Bureau Federation
American Library Association
Assocation of Equipment Manufacturers
Bennet & Bennet
Mapcom Systems
National Information Solutions Cooperative
National Rural Economic Developers Association
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative
Plus One Strategic Communications
Rural School and Community Trust
Veterans Health Administration's Office of Rural Health

NTCA Smart Rural Community Advisory Council Applications

NTCA seeks applications from associate members who are interested in serving on the Smart Rural Community Advisory Council (SRCAC). The SRCAC supports Smart Rural Community (SRC) by providing technical, transactional and general business expertise to NTCA Staff and the SRC program. The SRCAC convenes regularly to advance the SRC initiative. Members should anticipate meeting via conference call once each month. Members will also be called upon to assist with the review of NTCA member applications for SRC award programs.

In addition to NTCA Associate Members, the SRCAC includes representatives from fields and industries that are affected positively by the deployment and use of broadband-enabled applications in rural areas, including, but not limited to, representatives from the fields of education, health care, public safety, economic development, and public utilities.

Associate members who are interested in serving on the SRCAC should send a statement of interest to The deadline for applications is November 30, 2017.


More Information
Joshua Seidemann, or (703) 351-2035