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Membership Categories & Dues


On this page, you will find a description of the NTCA membership categories, applications for each type of membership, and an explanation for how dues are calculated. You can also use our helpful Dues Calculator to figure out what your membership payment should be.


NTCA Member Categories:

ILEC Member | Commonly Owned or Controlled ILEC | Subsidiary Member | Allliance Member
Associate Member | Association Member | International Member | Individual Member


The following applies to all member categories:

A customer is defined as a subscriber receiving voice and/or broadband service that receives a unique monthly bill. The member can retain membership if it subsequently exceeds the 50,000 customer limit. In addition, the company must be in sympathy and accord with the purpose of NTCA as set forth in the association's bylaws and with the membership at large.


ILEC Member

An incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC) according to section 251(h) of the Communications Act of 1934 is the local exchange carrier that on the date of enactment of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was (1) providing telephone exchange service in an area and (2) deemed to be a member of the National Exchange Carrier Association, or is a person or entity that on or after the date of the Act's enactment became a successor or assignee of the ILEC. ILEC members provide fixed voice and/or broadband Internet access services to fewer than 50,000 customers. The ILEC may be structured as either a commercial company or cooperative, which must be designated on the membership application.

Communications companies that are eligible for ILEC membership are not eligible for other classes of membership.

ILEC membership carries voting rights.


ILEC Member Dues

For members as defined above, all commercial companies and cooperatives pay the lower amount of .428% of annual revenues, $2.66 per access line, or $20,000. Added to that amount is $.133 per access line.

For these members, the minimum annual dues amount is $500. Annual dues are based on operating statistics as of December 31 two years previous.


*NTCA will treat a member’s Annual Revenues as confidential information not to be disclosed within or outside of NTCA except as necessary to perform the dues calculations, unless or until the member waives confidentiality. A member company may choose to not provide NTCA information about its Annual Revenues. If a member company chooses to not disclose its Annual Revenues for dues calculations, the member company will be assessed dues based on the cap amount set forth in NTCA’s current Bylaws (ILEC members: $20,000 plus $.133 per access line).


Apply for an ILEC Membership using the Dues Calculator


Commonly Owned or Controlled ILEC Member

An organization with common ownership and/or control of two or more telecommunications providers that qualify for ILEC membership. The controlling/holding company is not required to join. However, all subsidiary ILECs must join, with the largest ILEC paying the full dues and having the voting rights of the membership. A commonly owned or controlled ILEC member is assigned to the region where the largest ILEC is located.

Any ILEC owned by multiple entities must join as a separate/full dues paying ILEC member.


For information on how Commonly Owned or controlled ILEC Member dues are calculated, and important information on changes being made to renewal cycles for members in this category, visit this page.


Apply for an ILEC Membership


Alliance Member

Organizations formed by partnerships of NTCA ILEC members, to offer communications infrastructure and services to customers and communities in a collaborative and efficient way.

Alliance Member Dues

1-10 Employees $500
11-50 Employees $1,000
51-100 Employees $2,000
100+ Employees $3,000


 Apply for an Alliance Membership


Non-ILEC Subsidiary Member

An entity affiliated with an ILEC member that was created to provide telecommunications services including, but not limited to, cable television, wireless companies, interexchange carriers, video providers, Internet service providers and competitive local exchange carriers with fewer than 50,000 customers. Non-ILEC subsidiary members have no voting rights.

Subsidiary Member Dues

1-10 Employees $500
11-50 Employees $1,000
51-100 Employees $2,000
100+ Employees $3,000


Apply for a Non-ILEC Subsidiary Membership
Note: There is no membership category for CLEC operations, unless the CLEC is a subsidiary of a cooperative, nonprofit corporation or commercial company. In this case, the CLEC may join as a subsidiary member.


Associate Member:

An associate member is a supplier of goods and services to the communications industry. Suppliers include entities such as insurance companies, manufacturers, other rural utilities, and consultants such as accounting, engineering and law firms. This category also includes national communications associations. Associate members do not have voting rights.

Associate & National Association Member Dues

1-10 Employees $550
11-50 Employees $1,250
51-100 Employees $2,500
100+ Employees $3,750


Apply for an Associate Membership
View the benefits of being an Associate Member
View information on Associate Member sponsorship/advertising opportunities


Association Member

An association member is a local, state or regional association of communications companies. Association members do not have voting rights.

Association Member Dues

Dues are $25 per year if participating in the association's benefits program; otherwise, dues are free.


Apply for an Association Membership


International ILEC Member

An International ILEC member is an ILEC providing fixed voice and/or broadband Internet access services to fewer than 50,000 customers outside the United States and its territories. International ILEC members do not have voting rights.

International ILEC Member Dues

Dues are $500 per year.


Apply for an International Membership


Individual Member

A person who was an employee of, or who was associated with, a member of any category of membership is eligible for membership as an individual member. Individual members do not have voting rights and are not eligible to enroll in NTCA benefits plans.

Individual Member Dues

One-time fee of $500.


Apply for an Individual Membership


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