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HR Training Services

Leadership Training... Realize Your Potential

NTCA offers a host of programs designed to give managers the skills to bring out the best in their workforce.  These programs may be combined or taught individually.


This interactive, hands-on training session provides an overview of appropriate questions to ask in an interview.  You also learn how to evaluate and hire the best candidate.  We use mock interviews and audience participation to improve your interviewing skills.

Conflict Resolution

Sometimes a manager needs the wisdom of Solomon to deal with employees of different generations, gender and religious affiliations.  You have to learn to listen, ask the right questions and give meaningful advice.  This program gives managers the skills to transform difficult employees into productive ones through counseling, discipline and follow-up discussions.  And should you have to terminate someone, you will know how to have the proper documentation to justify that action.

Performance Evaluations

To create a positive work environment, you have to give employees honest feedback on their performance.  Yes, there can be stress during this process, especially if you must correct behavior and work productivity.  For that very reason, you must plan ahead, have the necessary documentation prepared, and set the stage for useful dialogue.  This program provides advice, case studies and the documentation necessary to make these appraisals a valuable exchange.

Legal Issues

Do you have a written policy against sexual harassment?  Have you provided regular training on this issue by someone outside your organization?  A good defense against lawsuits begins here.  NTCA, working with outside legal consultants, can show you how to protect yourself against all kinds of litigation.

Time Management

An employee/management approach, NTCA works with management to show how to prioritize items and delegate responsibility.  And we work with employees to show how to plan the day, beginning with a "to do" list.  We can also facilitate staff retreats with time management as a theme.

For more information, contact:

       Barbara Ritter
       Vice President, Human Resources
       4121 Wilson Blvd., Tenth Floor
       Arlington, VA 22203
       Telephone: 703-351-2061
       Fax: 703-351-2001

"We had 22 positions placed into salary grades based on a thorough geographical and industry assessment. NTCA’s HR Consulting made it easier to ensure that we are paying out employees competitively."
    – Keith Gabbard, general manager, Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative