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Dues Task Force


As NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association continues to review its dues formula and as you help by providing your information, questions may arise. Below are FAQs, and you may also email with further questions. Thank you for your help.
1. Why is NTCA evaluating dues?
The current dues formula for ILEC and commonly owned telcos is based on access lines. Access lines have, and will continue to, decline, making the current dues formula unsustainable.
2. Who is working on this?
At their November meeting, the NTCA Board of Directors appointed a Dues Task Force comprised of board directors Mark Bahnson, Kevin Beyer, Doug Boone and Jim Dauby. The task force is supported by NTCA staff Lori Fischetti, April Irwin and Mike Romano.
3. Why is NTCA asking for my company’s broadband connections from the FCC Form 477?
When NTCA and OPASTCO unified in 2013, the newly formed organization was renamed NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association. Since NTCA focuses the vast majority of its policy efforts on broadband issues, and since the association’s bylaws provide “connections” as the measurement for dues in steps 5-9, the task force felt that the FCC Form 477 best captures the full scope of members’ broadband connections.
4. When is NTCA looking to change the dues formula?
The Dues Task Force is hoping to bring a proposal to the NTCA board at their Summer Business Conference. Should the board approve this proposal, it will be presented for open discussions with the membership during Regional Conferences this summer.
5. How do I submit my questions or concerns to NTCA?
Simply email your questions to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.