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Revised NTCA Certificate Program
Frequently Asked Questions

How will the new certificate credit system work?

You are automatically enrolled in one of the three certificate programs when you register for your first NTCA conference/seminar. Each certificate has a certain number of credit hours in various subject areas that must be obtained in order to complete the program. Once all of the credits have been met, you will receive a copy of your certificate in the mail.

How can I track my credits?

For assistance with transcript contents, NTCA's certificate programs, or general transcript questions contact, 703-351-2118.

Why did NTCA overhaul the certificate programs?

In an ongoing effort to provide continued value for our members, NTCA wanted to modernize the certificate program and bring it up to today's standards with built-in flexibility. Today's members are taking courses online, via webcasts, and at face-to-face conferences and events. Further, the program format needed to be restructured to facilitate a broader range of sessions and subject areas that NTCA attendees are learning about today. Now, our Telecom Executive Certificate (formerly General Manager Certificate), Director Core Curriculum Certificate and Key Employee Certificate will require fewer credits, in most cases, to complete. NTCA's diversified content delivered at today's programs will fit into defined areas of study, which will give you greater flexibility when working to complete your certificate.

What will happen to credits that I already earned?

You will not lose any credits that you already have. All the courses you have taken will be converted to corresponding courses in the new system. The only change you will notice is that the new course numbering system is slightly different than before. From the 2013 Fall Conference onward, the new course numbers will be used for tracking certificate candidates. If you have received conference information from NTCA that contains the new course numbers and need to know what old course numbers those correspond to fulfill your certificate, download the course numbering reference chart.

What other changes are happening with the program?

One other change that CEOs and general managers should be aware of is that the former General Manager Certificate is now called the Telecom Executive Certificate. This change was made to recognize the diverse group of industry leaders who are going by titles such as CEO, owner, partner and general manager.

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