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A primary focus of NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association is to provide advocacy services for its members before the Congress, the FCC and the Executive Office of the President as well as a variety of other federal agencies and departments.  Our joint efforts can create the critical results we need to ensure every rural community has access to affordable, advanced telecommunications services.

Fly-In Dates

April 25
June 29
July 18
August: In State Events
October 27
November 28
December 12

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Please search by issue on the left hand navigation bar to find the latest news regarding our rural broadband related advocacy initiatives.  For more information please contact NTCA’s advocacy staff at 703-351-2000 or access the NTCA staff directory.

Your Voice on Capitol Hill
Since 1954, NTCA has served as the voice of rural telecommunications providers. The association understands your business and represents your interests on issues and policies that will affect you and your community. NTCA is your partner in communicating with Congress.

Your Interests at the FCC
The NTCA policy team researches issues, tracks trends, and analyzes the financial, economic and competitive impact of regulatory proposals. Members and staff collaborate to develop policy positions and to execute the association’s regulatory agenda by submitting filings and by engaging with policymakers at the FCC and across Washington, D.C.

NTCA Rural Broadband PAC
The NTCA Rural Broadband PAC is the voluntary, nonpartisan political action committee of NTCA. The NTCA Rural Broadband PAC accepts voluntary contributions from authorized individuals within the association’s member companies, then distributes these funds to support federal candidates who have an appreciation of the legislative and regulatory issues that are unique to our members.

Legislative & Policy Conference
Each year, hundreds of NTCA members travel to Washington, D.C., for the association’s Legislative & Policy Conference. Attendees cultivate relationships and share their stories with federal policymakers and members of Congress to give them a better understanding of rural telecom issues.