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2017 PR & Marketing Conference, April 30–May 2, The U.S. Grant Hotel San Diego, Calif.



Do your customers see your business as innovative, cutting edge, or a vital part of the community? A great brand is more than just the logo on your letterhead. It's the story and representation of your company and how that message conveys to customers.

A strong brand starts from within your company's roots—mission, vision and goals—and branches out to the products, services and pricing.

With a new administration and technology advances, now is the time to re-evaluate your brand story. Starting from the inside out, this conference positions you to take your marketing to the next level and keep your company ahead of the competition.

  • Gain insight into marketing innovations.
  • Learn the necessary elements of brand development.
  • Add value to your brand with a guarantee.
  • Learn how to distinguish your company from the competition.
  • New! Incorporate a sales strategy to keep you efficient and profitable.



The PR & Marketing Conference is designed specifically for telco marketers, sales and PR staff to re-examine how your company looks from the inside out and understand that your brand matters.



Tracks for Everybody
Plan Grow

Strategic Marketing

These tracks help lay out the components of the foundation of a comprehensive plan to launch your marketing and communications tactics successfully.

Tactical Marketing

You've laid out your plan but how do you execute it effectively? These tracks will set you up with the resources to actualize your plan and achieve results.

Sales Strategy

Now it's time to position you company's brand, products and services. These tracks will position your sales to focus on target markets and how to communicate to them in relevant and meaningful ways.


NTCA Certificate Programs

This meeting fulfills the marketing course (B108) requirement for NTCA’s Director Core Curriculum (DCC), Key Employee Certificate (KEC) and the Telecom Executive Certificate (TEC). For more information about these programs, visit


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